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Is an Open Log Fire Good For Your Health?

In recent times there has been a resurge of interest in installing and running an open log fire in the home. Given that modern technology can offer so many opportunities that deal with the problems presented by a live fire the question often arises as to whether an open log fire is good for your health.Naturally like anything in life there are always two sides to every argument so first of all let's look at the pros and cons of having an open log fire starting with the cons of which it has to admitted there are a few; some serious and some not so bad but still to be considered.Small health risks attributed to having an open fire can be back pain from carrying and chopping heavy logs, burning your hand on a hot grate or even being allergic to the hydro-carbon side effects from commercial firelighters. The latter can fill a room with unpleasant paraffin type fumes that can affect sensitive people and make them feel ill.A much larger risk is being killed or badly injured in a house fire caused by an unattended live grate where perhaps a log has rolled out, a stray spark had set the carpet alight or an unswept chimney has caught fire. The simple solution to this risk is NEVER to leave an unattended fire without a proper close mesh guard and always have your chimney swept at least twice a year. Also never stand near a fire with billowing dresses or nightclothes.

The risk from inhaling deadly but odorless carbon monoxide fumes though is probably the biggest health hazard from an open fireplace and this is caused by not sweeping the chimney properly and poor ventilation. Don't burn green wood since this is more likely to create tar and above all keep your logs dry so that they burn properly. In addition bear in mind that like other fuels, wood logs need plenty of air to combust well.Now let's consider the upside of an open log fire. At a basic fitness level this type of fire keeps you active. You will need to carry in wood from outside, lay the fire, stand up and add logs to the fire, poke the fire, clean out the grate, sweep the hearth and if you are really energetic saw branches and chop logs. The whole ethos of a managing and feeding a log fire is exercise based and much of that exercise is a form of everyday aerobics, so you won't need to go to the gym!Also with the cost of Gas and Electricity rising almost daily, heating your main living area with logs is one way of reducing your energy bill which at the same time contributes to the reduction of anxiety, therefore less mental strain, when it comes to paying the monthly bills.Log fires at Christmas, other special occasions or indeed at any time at all make almost any home seem warm and welcoming. Even if you don't burn logs regularly there is nothing to beat the smell and glow of a real log fire. At the same time all your muscles will stop being held in a fight or flight state and begin to allow your whole body to chill out into a much safer public adjuster levittown papublic adjuster levittown pa condition for your overall health.

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